Shipping Agency

Meeting the challenge - Agency

Competition fosters constant challenges. As numerous players enter the field, the rules of the game change.

Having pioneered shipping services in India, as far back as the early 19th Century and being amongst the oldest in the trade, DBC Sons (Gujarat) Pvt Ltd unquestionably has tremendous experience to represent your company in India.

When the best agency services are the requirement - we are the name to be associated with.
We attain maximum efficiency by providing round-the-clock services updating our principals with the latest developments for their port of call and keeping good relationships with the port and government authorities.

Quick turnaround of the vessels to benefit the owners/charterers.

We give prompt attendance to claims, disputes and correspondence, thereby avoiding liabilities to our principals.

Along with our associates we handle approximately 150 ships per annum, a tonnage of over 200000 DWT in various major and minor ports of India. This mainly includes Bulk carriers, Break Bulk vessels, Car carriers, Log carriers, Tankers and Container vessels.

Our wide range of Agency services are as follows:
  • Owner Protective Agents.
  • Chartering Agents.
  • Liner Agents.
  • Agents for demolishing (ship breaking of vessels)
  • Clearance and delivery of ship spare parts.
  • Change of crew (Sign on and Sign off).
  • Port Captaincy.
  • Ship Handling assistance.
  • Bunkering services.

Currently, National and International Principals avail of our Agency services - a measure of their confidence in our abilities.


  • Round-the-clock services by trained and experienced personnel during operations of the vessel
    at the Port.
  • We maintain regular and good relations with the Port and Government authorities.

We ensure smooth operations at economical costs in the best interest of the client.